No Country For Obama

When the current President exits the oval office, he will go down in history as the most left-wing President in more than two generations. Thumbing his nose at America’s center-right majority, Obama has crammed through some of the most socialist legislation in our history with the help of his all too eager Congressional majority. While America is a forgiving and tolerant place, we won’t soon experiment again with socialism.

Entitlement programs in America have a troubled past. Once a ponzi scheme is born, it is nearly impossible to get rid of it, no matter how costly it becomes. However, despite the fact that we’ve shown weakness in removing social spending programs when they threaten to bankrupt us; we have a good history of penalizing leaders that take us in the wrong direction. Obama’s dangerous legacy will be well remembered at the polls.

No one can see the future. It’s possible that Obama will get himself involved in some mess near 2012 that tricks the electorate into giving him another four years. However, the history is clear: Democrats will not get another turn after Obama. If he’d turned out to be the moderate he advertised himself as, this would potentially be avoidable. As it stands, however, the country will happily abandon Democrats. We won’t need to wait for 2012 to see it happen either.

Mid-term elections are usually brutal for the President’s party during the first term. Republicans and Democrats agree that many Democrat seats will be lost in November. What Democrats will deny is the growing tide of resentment at liberals and progressives who simply can’t cut up the country’s credit cards. In a way, it would actually be better for Democrats if Obama gets the boot in 2012, because it might stop the bleeding for their reputations.

Similar to how George Bush became more careless toward the end of his second term, ultimately costing the party a win in 2008, Obama could destroy his party’s image (more than he already has) near the end of his Presidency. March 21st, we witnessed the damage party ideologues can impose on the country with a party-line vote. Now the fate of the country rests in voters’ hands who can no longer assume that voting a party line will lead to predictable results. Republicans rebel against moderates John McCain, Charlie Christ and others. Independent voters who were swayed for Obama in 2008 will think twice before pulling the lever for the “D” again. These voters tend to favor fiscal responsibility over social policy and they gave Obama a chance because Republicans’ spending was out of control. When you take out all the groups Obama has alienated and angered, he’s hardly got any voters left.

Obama has certainly changed the political landscape, but not because he’s an outsider who doesn’t play Washington games. Precisely the opposite is true; Obama is the ultimate Washington insider and he and his party have proven that they won’t stop trying to foist their socialist policies onto America. Indeed, there is no country for Obama.


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