A Winning Strategy For 2010

The race for the coveted prizes of power and prestige awaiting the winners in the halls of Congress and State Legislatures all over the country is officially underway.  As the nation struggles to find solutions to the myriad problems created by America’s hundred-year flirtation with socialism, those contending for the prize will be offering their solutions to the voting multitudes.  In keeping with past tradition, Democrats will claim their solutions cost more and are more comprehensive than their opponent’s therefore they will be more effective in solving the problem.  Republicans will immediately counter by denouncing the astronomical cost and consequent increase in our burgeoning debt. They will then offer a scaled down version of the same proposal and encourage voters to accept it because it is cheaper and requires less taxes.

As a public service, I would like to propose a different strategy.  My strategy is simple, straightforward and guaranteed to win whenever it is tried.  I admit to having no empirical evidence for my claim since it has never been tried during my lifetime.  For that reason, I offer it freely and equally to Democrat and Republican alike.  If in the end, it doesn’t work as advertised, the American people will still be the winners because there will have been a thorough examination of the issues and views of the candidates we finally send to Washington and the State Capitols. Furthermore, if we still opt for socialism over capitalism we can all sleep easier knowing that we have exactly the type of government we want and deserve.

My strategy is not complicated.  All you have to do is force your opponent to run against the Constitution. When your opponent suggests spending more money to solve a particular problem, demand that he or she justify the expenditure by identifying where in the Constitutional authorization to spend taxpayer money for that particular purpose is found.  In 99.9% of the cases, the opponent will be forced to admit the Constitution does not empower Congress to legislate in that particular area. This forces him or her to dismiss the Constitution as irrelevant or admit to an intent to violate its single purpose as the supreme law restricting the powers of the federal government.

This works whether debating taxes, spending, healthcare, education, subsidies, corporate or state welfare, or national defense. On the Democrat side, when your opponent calls for a smaller government, demand that he or she define the term.  Just how big of a government does the Constitution permit?  Ditto, the demand for lower taxes.  Just what level of taxation does the Constitution require? Approaching the campaign from this perspective has two definite advantages for the American people. (1) It forces candidates to broaden their understanding of the Founding Documents on which our republic is built. (2) It forces voters to consider whether they wish to live in a true Constitutional Republic or are willing to trust their welfare, safety and happiness to the judgment of their politically ambitious elected representatives.

Using this strategy does not necessarily require years of study or weeks of research.  We have already done most of that for you. There are at least five different sections of this website where you will find the fundamental information needed to carry on a campaign based on the Constitution and America’s founding principles.  For a quick refresher on the Powers granted to Congress click here.  For a more in-depth discussion for Elected Officials, Candidates and Citizens visit “Fundamentals of the American System of Government”.  Here or Here


One response to “A Winning Strategy For 2010

  1. Thank you for this post, Jerry. Every state needs a concerted effort to remember what government was meant to be. I subscribed today to your blog. Trying to find one for Texas!

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