Virtual Phone Bank for Adam Andrzejewski for Governor

The latest Rasmussen poll shows we are within the margin of error of frontrunner Andy McKenna and First Things reports we are within 2 points!
Protect your investment in the Adam for Illinois campaign by joining our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort to stop the patronage army from buying another election.

One of the things we’ve done with your support and generous donations is set up a Virtual Call Center—the same system that pushed Scott Brown over the top in Massachusetts.

The other critical thing we’ve done is activated our volunteer army to get on that call center and start dialing for Adam. Here is how it works:

It’s very easy, effective, and doesn’t cost you a dime.  You sign in, and the system calls you.  You stay on the phone while the computer calls out to a pre-loaded list of Illinoisans.

We write the script, you do the talking!

If you get an answering machine, you click a button to leave an answering machine message. This is an easy and crucial tactic to put us over the top. Your friends and family in other states can even help with this.

Calling ends at 9 PM, but starts up at 9 AM tomorrow and through election day. Please consider taking some time to make some dials on this simple system.  You’ll see the power of your investment in action!

The greatest way to make a difference is by phoning as many people as you possibly can. If you want to participate in this Get Out the Vote effort, all you need is an internet connection, your telephone or cell phone, and access the following website:

Campaign ID: 811139?Campaign
Pass Code: Adam2010


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