Latest on Illinois Governors Race

Breaking: Adam Andrzejewski Surges to Within 2 Points in Latest Polling (Updated)
Sunday, January 31, 2010, 4:47 PM
Jim Hoft

Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate and conservative Adam Andrzejewski rallied supporters in O’Fallon, Illinois this afternoon.
It was a standing room only crowd.

While campaigning in O’Fallon the Andrzejewski team announced that Adam had just received the endorsement of the largest Chicago Polish paper today. And…. It was announced that Adam had surged to within two points in an internal poll conducted by a conservative organization in Washington DC. Andrzejewski was 8 points down earlier in the week in the Illinois race.

It may have been the endorsement by Lech Walesa that helped Andrzejewski surge in the latest polling. And this is despite the fact that the mainstream Chicago news mostly ignored Walesa’s historic endorsement.

Reprinted from Gateway Pundit


One response to “Latest on Illinois Governors Race

  1. Don’t get comfortable folks, this is going to be a nail biter.

    If you want serious reform in Illinios (and we all know Illinois is in trouble) vote for Adam, support Adam and fight for Adam.

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