Joe Walsh's Six Point Pledge

Press Release – Lake Zurich, IL – January 29, 2010

Most of us are sick of politicians — both Republicans and Democrats — who once elected to office have a distressing tendency to increase the size of government, erode our freedoms, and stay in office way too long. They forget who they are and where they came from.

I want to stand for something different. I will lead by example and act as a Citizen Legislator – the type of person our Founding Fathers saw as the main avenue to protect our freedoms, the very freedoms that are threatened daily by politicians who’ve become a special class unto themselves.

I make the following six-point pledge to the voters of the Illinois 8th District. As your congressman:

1. I will not serve more than 3 terms in the House (6 years), if so privileged.

2. I will not receive any health plans or retirement benefits that only congressmen get and that aren’t available to all Americans.

3. I will not vote for any legislation which increases the size of government or isn’t supported by the Constitution.

4. I will never add an earmark to any bill.

5. I will always speak my mind and tell my constituents the truth.

6. I will always be accessible to my constituents and hold town halls on a regular basis, in good times or bad

We need to get Americans to feel good about their government again. Vote for me on Feb 2nd.

Joe Walsh


3 responses to “Joe Walsh's Six Point Pledge

  1. I love Joe Wash, he’s the man to take Bean out.

    I don’t like the 3 term deal though. When we get good people in there like Michele Bachman who won’t exploit government for her own purpose, let them stay!

    If anything, we need to get rid of the ability for incumbents to build up huge warchests from tax payer dollars and special interest – that’s a serious conflict of interest. Also, it makes incumbancy easier and harder for the typical civilian who wants to improve government.

    Campaigning need to be a level playing field.

  2. Oh I agree, ignorance is a politicians best friend, that’s why McKenna is able to run ads calling himself an outsider. In truth, the ad all by itself is a rude insult to Republican voters.

    And still…..

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