Let's Help Rosanna Take the Fifth

I have lived in the Illinois 5th Congressional District all of my adult life.  Some things have changed over the years.  You can no longer buy a drivers license at the local currency exchange for four bucks; offering to buy a cop’s breakfast will no longer get you out of traffic ticket—although it might get you a free ride to the nearest precinct—and leaving a couple of bucks on the seat when you take your car in for inspection, won’t get you a passing grade.  However, corruption is still alive and well and thriving in Chicago.

The 5th Congressional District is the poster child for the “Chicago style politics” that has made Chicago the political laughing stock of America.  In 1959, the district sent Democrat Dan Rostenkowski to Congress where he parked until 1995— thirty-six years.  In 1994, Rostenkowski was charged with corruption and eventually went to prison. After a short stint with a Republican Congressman, the District elected Democrat Rod Blagojevich in1996 who was later elected Governor before also being indicted for corruption.  “Blago” was replaced by another Democrat, Rahm Emanuel in 2003 and later by Democrat Mike Quigley in a special election in 2009.

Fifty years is enough.  It’s time for a change and we can make it happen in 2010.  That is why I support Rosanna Pulido for Congress.  Rosanna Loves Chicago, she loves America and she loves the Constitution.  She has been a conservative activist for years.  She is the founder of the Illinois Minutemen organization, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, organizing a 2nd amendment forum in Wheaton at the City Council Chambers in May 2009 as well as a number of other Second Amendment events.

Rosanna, who describes herself as a “912 candidate”, has testified before the Illinois legislature and was invited to Washington to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the issue of illegal immigration.  She has also appeared on Fox News as guests on Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity’s shows. In addition, she has appeared with Lou Dobbs and on CNN’s American Morning.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of police officers and firefighters, and a tireless advocate for senior citizens.  She has been endorsed by the Eagle Forum and a number of Right to Life groups.  Rosanna is someone who lives her Christian values and someone we can depend on to keep her oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” when we send her to Washington.

If you live in the Fifth Congressional District, we urge you to vote for Rosanna in the upcoming primary on February 2.  We also urge you to encourage your neighbors to do the same. If possible, volunteer some of your time to help in our final push for the primary. You can contact Rosanna at 773-250-3399 or at www.rosannapulido2010.com. Please forward this article to others in the Fifth District or, if you do not live in the District, send it to someone who does.

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