What Every Patriot Needs to Know

Fundamentals of the American System of Government
An on-line tutorial on the Constitution and our founding principles
Introduction by
Dr. Phil Stringer

Thomas Jefferson described the U.S. Constitution as “the chains upon government”.  The concept of unlimited government is always the enemy of liberty whether practiced by theocratic Pharaoh’s, “divine right of king’s”, monarchs, corporate socialists (Nazis and fascists) or communists.  The concept of unlimited government is the greatest earthly threat faced by individuals.

The English had a great heritage of freedom that they had fought and struggled for.  King George III and the English Parliament had to recognize that in the homeland but they chose to practice unlimited government towards the English colonies.  The American colonists refused to accept this and they successfully struggled for their liberty.

Now the great question was before them.  How do you keep the new government under control?

The Founders of the new republic chose constitutional government.  The new government would be “chained” by a written document limiting what it could do.  The liberty of the people would be protected by the “chains of restraint” provided by the Constitution.

Today prominent political leaders like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, mock the idea of constitutional limits.  The American people desperately need to demand constitutional government again.

I have taught U.S. History for over 35 years.  I have repeatedly emphasized that the greatness of the United States was based upon the concept of limited government –government limited by the Constitution.

This course by Jerry McDaniel is a very effective training tool about our Constitution.  Every American should make sure that they have thoroughly prepared themselves to understand our Constitution.  This course will accomplish that purpose.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.  For some this will be new material.  For others, like myself, it is a great refresher course.  I recommend this course to everyone.

~Phil Stringer

Click HERE for Tutorial


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