A Fitting Prize

Before he was officially awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize” in Norway, President Obama said, “I have no doubt that there are others who may be more deserving.”  Rather than his reportedly “humble”  prepared speech, Obama here is saying that “You know, I also may be the most deserving.” And I must concur.

We need to look at how the prize is awarded, rather than the name of the prize. Consider past winners.

1973: Secretary of State Kissinger and S. Vietnamese President Le Duc Tho, for “ending” the war in Vietnam. The Vietnamese President had the integrity to decline the prize since he knew the war had not ended.

1994: Yasser Arafat, for “making peace with Israel”, and then launching the second Intifadah a decade later.

2007: Albert Gore, Junior, for alerting the world that NYC will be underwater, the polar bears are drowning, the temperature of the world will rise 20-degrees, and later telling a TV audience that the center of the world is “several million degrees” (F).

For the sake of accuracy, therefore, we need to rename the NPP, the TAGG award, meaning Talks a Good Game. In this respect, the Nobel Committee is continuing the tradition of recognizing symbolism over substance; words instead of deeds; Hope versus Change.  A more worthy recipient, and citizen of the world could not be found than Barack H. Obama


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