ICAN Endorses Candidate for Illionis 5th Congressional District

The Illinois Conservative Action Network (ICAN) is proud to give its full endorsement to Rosanna Pulido as the Republican candidate for the Illinois 5th Congressional District on Chicago’s north side.  Ms. Pulido is a solid conservative who will uphold the U.S. Constitution and if elected, will help return our government to the constitutional republic the Founders entrusted to our care.

According to Ms. Pulido, “It truly is time to get back to ‘Common Sense’ for Illinois and for our Nation. It is time that we say a candidate’s values and Principles are important.” For her, this statement is more than just a political platitude.  She is one of those rare political aspirants who practices what she preaches.

Rosanna was born in Chicago in 1956, and grew up on the North Side in Wrigleyville and has been a lifelong resident of the 5th Congressional District.  She was educated in Catholic grammar schools and high school and attended Prairie State College.

In April of 2005, as concerned citizens gathered in Arizona to express their dissatisfaction with the federal government’s failure to secure our borders, our national sovereignty, and the rule of law, Rosanna felt compelled to join them.  Inspired by this historic citizen activism, she came home to found the Illinois Minutemen organization. She also worked for a time as regional field coordinator with the Federation for American Immigration Reform for the states of Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico and Ohio.

She is a strong advocate for family values and traditional marriage. She has won the endorsement of The Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee (IFRL-PAC) for the primary election on February 2.

The Christian Conservative Facebook PAC says of Ms. Pulido, “We are sure you will show the greatest sensitivity to taxpayers of conscience who do not want their money spent on abortion at home or in international programs. You have courageously taken a stand against illegal immigration in a district with a high Hispanic population. You proudly support second amendment rights and we know you will fulfill your campaign promises unlike the other candidates in the GOP field.”

In addition to her work for immigration reform and the unborn’s right to life, she is also a strong supporter of law enforcement, a defender of the Second Amendment, and an advocate for the elderly.

2010 is not Ms. Pulido’s first try for political office.  She ran in the February 3, 2009 primary for the special election to replace Rahm Emanuel, beating a Republican field of five.  She lost the general election, however, to Democrat  Michael Quigley.  Undaunted, she is back again for a second try.  If she wins this primary, she will face Quigley again in November.

The 5th Congressional District is a focal point of Chicago style politics. With only one exception, it has not sent a Republican to Congress in over half a century.  Dan Rostenkowski, the son of a former Alderman, held the seat from 1959 to1994, when he was indicted for his role in the House Post Office scandal. Voters in the district were so disillusioned with Rostenkowski; they elected a conservative Republican, Mike Flanagan, in the 94’ election.

However, after two years the District reverted to form and elected Democrat Rod Blagojevich, a future indicted Governor of Illinois and the son-in-law of another Chicago Alderman.  When “Blago” was elected Governor, Emanuel, returning to Chicago after a stint in the Clinton White House, ran to replace Blagojevich and won.  He later became a part of the “Chicago Gang” Obama took with him to the White House in 2009, to be replaced by Quigley.

Winning the Congressional Seat in the corrupt 5th district will not be easy.  Ms. Pulido will need all the support she can get.  If you live in the District, would like to see an end to the corruption, and are concerned about the direction the country has taken since the “Chicago Gang” arrived in Washington, we urge you to contact the Pulido campaign and volunteer to help with time, effort, contributions or any other way you can.  You can contact her through her website, rosannapulido2010.com.

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