Illinois Conservative Action Network Endorses Teri Davis Newman for IL-12 Congressional Seat

Republican Candidate Teri Davis Newman Gains Momentum for the Illinois 12th Congressional Seat as Illinois Conservative Action Network Backs the Southwest Illinois Businesswoman’s Bid for Out-of-Touch Incumbent Costello’s Seat.

[press release]
Teri Davis Newman Dec 07, 2009 – Teri Davis Newman gained more momentum in her bid for the 12th Illinois U.S. Congress seat with another important endorsement.  The Illinois Conservative Action Network gave the Republican challenger their stamp of approval and endorsed her candidacy for the seat currently held by Jerry Costello.

This is the latest of a growing list of endorsements for the outspoken firebrand who has been hammering at the incumbent for supporting Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill and disregarding the wishes of the voters of the 12th district.
“Everyone hates Pelosi-care” stated Mrs. Newman “and Jerry voted for it just like he votes the party line 98% of the time since 1988 and he doesn’t care what the people want.”

Mrs. Newman is adamant that she will be the “People’s Congresswoman” and pledges to have a town meeting at least twice a month somewhere in the district.  Congressman Costello hasn’t held a town meeting in a number of years and Mrs. Newman has been hammering him on that issue along with taking nearly 3 million dollars in campaign contributions in cycles when Costello was unopposed for re-election.

“Why does anyone need campaign donations when they have no opponent in the election?” asks Mrs. Newman at her campaign speeches and follows it with the question: “Do you really think Jerry’s working for YOU?”

Support for the candidly outspoken challenger has been growing throughout the district as Mrs. Newman campaigns tirelessly and her popularity among the voters is growing rapidly as she hammers her message home.

The  Illinois Conservative Action Network (ICAN) identifies incumbent candidates that have demonstrated a disdain for the Constitution, or who simply follow the party line in an ill advised obedience to party bosses that prevents them from working in the best interest of their state or the country as a whole and works to defeat them in primary contests and replace them with candidates like Mrs. Newman who will honor the founding principles of limited government, limited taxation, respect for private property, and individual liberty.

In addition to Mrs. Newman, ICAN has also endorsed the following candidates in the February 2, 2010 primary:
Governor: Adam Andrzejewski
Secretary of State: Robert Enriquez
Senate: Patrick Hughes
Congressional Districts:
District 3: Michael Bendas
District 5: Rosanna Pulido
District 8: Joe Walsh
District 9: Joel Pollak
District 11:  David McAloon
District 12: Teri Davis Newman
District 14:  Jeff Danklefsen
District 19: Mike Firsching
They will add others as more information is received and endorsement decisions made.

Mrs. Newman’s campaign web site:
Teri Davis Newman Republican Candidate for Congress 12th Congressional District of Illinois

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