Reverend Wright Returns

Jeremiah wrightobama-uhohJeremiah Wright, President Obama’s pastor for twenty years, spent the day trying to do damage control concerning a statement he made to the Daily Press of Newport News following a sermon Tuesday night.  In the interview, when asked if he had been in contact with the President since Obama became President, Wright said:

“Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office,”

The statement takes on special significance in light of the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. yesterday.  So far, Obama has made no comment on Wright’s remark.

Obama came under fire during the presidential election because of anti-American remarks by Wright and his preaching “Black Liberation Theology.”  During the campaign controversy, Obama at first defended his association with Wright saying he could “no more disown him than he could his own grandmother” (paraphrased).  However as the controversy heated up he eventually broke with Wright and condemned some of his remarks.

At the time, Obama claimed never to have been present when Pastor Wright made the remarks in question, and the state dominated mass media, Obama supporters, and many conservatives gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Events since Obama took office indicate he may be more in sync with his former pastor’s views then most people think.  Anyone who applied common sense should have known before the election the relationship between Obama and Wright was much more than Obama claimed.

A recently published study came to the obvious conclusion that everyone reads publications and listens to broadcasts that promote views similar to their own.  The readers can prove this fact for themselves by honestly answering one or two questions.

Question One:  If you are a talk radio fan, do you listen to left wing Ed Schultz or right wing Rush Limbaugh (1) to get the news, (2) determine what you should think about the news, (3) get your talking points for the day, or (4) because they validate your own views?

Question Two:  If you are pro-abortion, would you stay in a church for twenty years where the pastor consistently preached sermons condemning abortion as the murder of a human being?  If you are pro-life, would you stay in a church for twenty years where the pastor consistently preached sermons promoting the “pro-choice” point of view?

The answer is obvious.  It is human nature to seek out and associate with those who share our views.  This is particularly true in the personal relationship between a congregant and his or her pastor.  President Obama probably does not agree with every position Pastor Wright takes, but his biography and his actions since assuming office clearly indicates he shares much of Wright’s worldview.

The video below is an audio of Wright’s remarks.  It a little more than one minute in length.  When listening to it pay close attention to the answer to the question; what advise would you give to the President if you had the chance?  His answer is quite revealing about Wright’s perception of Obama’s worldview after twenty years as his Pastor.


One response to “Reverend Wright Returns

  1. Jeremiah Wright`s underscores the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a pragmatic academic who makes decisions first as a politician and secondly to advance his socialist world view.

    Obama is intelligent and knowledgeable. He is an excellent double-speak salesman which fence-walking rhetoric enables him to rarely acknowledge his mistakes.

    Obama`s short tenure as President of the United States has clearly demonstrated that the `Change` so far has been a mountain of debt and an arrogant trampling of the Constitution. Thus, his association with Jeremiah Wright is the least of his and our problems.

    Thus, the most important mission for our country will be to survive Obama – – We need to vote for `Change It Back` on November 6, 2012.

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