The Socialist States of America

communist-symbolIt’ Official! We are now the
The Socialist States of America

On Friday, after holding voting open for more than five hours and sending a government plane, at the behest of the President, to pick up an absent Senator, Democrats finally rammed through the “stimulus bill.”  In spite of the urgency expressed by the President before the legislation was passed, Obama took a long Valentine weekend with his family in Chicago.

Finally, on Tuesday afternoon, at a special signing ceremony in Colorado, the president signed the legislation marking the end of a hundred year struggle by socialists to gain control of the American Government.  It also marks the beginning of the end of capitalism as it has been practiced in America for the past four hundred years.  On average, it takes three to five years to bring about major changes in any large organization.  In the case of the American government, because of its size it will take decades, if not generations to make the change over complete.  Its cost in wealth and liberty will be astronomical.

The “stimulus plan” was sold to the American People as the solution to America’s current recession.  However, a close look at the plan seems to indicate that its real purpose is to provide financing for the first stages of the transition from capitalism to socialism.  Most of the expenditures go to projects and organizations that make up the socialist movement in America, environmentalists, unions, public education, universities, and the underachievers of society who make up the core of its “grassroots” supporters.

The $787 compromise bill finally signed by the President today is a down payment on many of the items that have been on the socialist agenda for generations.  The drive toward socialized health care first proposed by President Theodore Roosevelt in the early twentieth century gets a big boost with additional spending in Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP.  In addition, it provides funds for computerizing health care records for millions of Americans.  This will help when it becomes necessary to ration healthcare, especially for the elderly.

Education and the Teacher’s Unions are other big winners.  $90 billion will go to public education from pre-school through high school.  $44.5 billions go to prevent cutbacks and layoffs by local school districts.  Another $15 for special education and No Child Left Behind programs with $2 billion earmarked for head start.

An estimated $32 billion will go to higher education, including increasing Pell Grants, and other student aid.  The stimulus package also makes a $2,500 tuition tax credit forty percent refundable allowing families who do not earn enough income to pay taxes to receive up to an additional $1,000 in tuition aid.

The “greenies” also come in for a share of the booty.  From alternative energy development to energy-efficient visitor’s centers in National Parks and wildlife refuges and $7.2 billion to the EPA to protect drinking water supplies and clean up national park lands.  Community Organizing groups like ACORN will also be big benefactors of Obama’s largess.

The worst aspect of Obama’s plan to end capitalism is not that it will burden future generations with unsustainable debt, or that it will balloon the hidden tax of inflation, but that to implement it requires the suspension of the Constitution.   There is nothing in the bill that can be said to be constitutional, in spite of the fact that every Congressman and Senator who voted for it has sworn multiple oaths to protect an defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.


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